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Crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports team.
Blockchain + Esports = 💖

About Us

Ardent United is a crowdfunded and crowdgoverned esports team. We use blockchain to create a decentralized corporation that is fully transparent. Tokenholders utilize our token in order to vote, participate in bounties, and receive dividends. Through the use of crowd governance, Ardent will make more intelligent and ethical decisions than other esport organizations.

Ardent is founded and advised by people with strong blockchain and esports experience. The mix between the two industries ensures the success of Ardent United.


All of Ardent United's financial records will be public on the blockchain. This guarantees that tokenholders are aware of AUN's activity and can make informed decisions.


The infrastructure behind AUN is fully decentralized, making it resistant to failure. In addition, no one will be able remove money from the wallet without voter approval.


Fans of the Ardent United organization will more engaged than fans of any other esport organization. Fans will know that their opinion is valued and will make a direct impact on the organization.


Ardent United will sell Runes, a registered security token. Runes will increase in value through it's use-cases and inherent scarcity. Runes also allow it's holders to collect dividends.

The Esports Market

Esports is becoming an extremely profitable industry with massive public recognition. The largest esports tournament prize pool has reached $24,687,919 USD, showing the amount of money in the scene.

With the esports industry growing extremely quickly, this is the perfect time to purchase a team. According to the NewZoo 2017 Global Esports Report, “Esports is a massively growing industry that is expected to reach revenues of $1.5 billion by 2020.” In 2017, the esports market already generated $655 million dollars in revenue, proving that a large market exists.


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